Welcome to Carmel Cashier!

This online parent payment center is a place where parents will pay for most ancillary fees not associated with tuition or lunch.  Additional event and participation fees will be added over the summer and throughout the year as they arise. Most of the items will be deadline driven, such as course fees, Valentine Candy Grams, student club fees, athletic fees per season, etc. If an event or student club has a fee associated with it, parents will be directed to this site to make payments. 

The Carmel Cashierwill have the look of many stores that you already use on-line: you will select “products” to purchase which will show up in your “cart” for final payment. Carmel Cashier will provide a one-stop shop for most of the school’s ancillary fees for which you currently are asked to provide checks. Additionally, you will be able to purchase “products” for all of your students through one shopping cart transaction. 

Steps for Payment: 
1) Register on the site. The first thing you should do is register. This will allow you to use the site repeatedly without the need to refill the basic customer information.  It will also allow you to track all of your payments from the site by viewing a personal log of all transactions.

2) Select items to purchase. You may add multiple items to your cart and check out one time. 

3) Checkout. You may use your Paypal account or credit card to check out. Credit card check out is at the bottom of the Paypal payment page. You will receive two email receipts - one from the Carmel Cashier site (itemized with all purchases) and one from Paypal. This will allow you to know that your transaction has been received.

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